Scheduling a meeting is as easy as 1,2,3

This site will take you through the three key steps for scheduling success


Step 1 - Choose your invitees

Pick the people you want to attend the meeting, don't forget to include a meeting room if you need one.


Step 2 - Check their availability

Make sure your invitees are available, don't assume they are free.
If an invitee is busy or already booked, don't overbook, pick another time.


Step 3 - Let them know what the meeting is about

For an effective meeting, let everyone know what it's about so they can prepare adequately.


That's it, have a great meeting

Here are some other things you may want to consider...

Don't be late

Try and get to the meeting on time, if you're going to be late, let everyone know.

Remember the virtual workers

Add dial in details for your chosen conference system (Skype for Business, Go To Meeting, Lync etc).

Book a room

Make sure you've added a room to the booking so all attendees know where to go

Remember timezones

If you are booking a meeting across timezones, make sure it's within working hours for all parties. 2:00am meetings are not cool.